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Digital Painting
Need Something? by tuffgirl66
I Don't Recognize my Reflection by tuffgirl66
Digital painting, fully colored and shaded. Character of your choice, it may be a fan character or official character. Shaded background. Please specify how big you want the canvas to be (just say small, medium, or large) and send me a *reference of the character you want.
*I will only be accepting dragons, humans, anthros, canines, and felines.
FeralHeart Preset
CM: FeralHeart Preset by tuffgirl66
Canine preset for FeralHeart. Can be multisided on any body part (besides tail). Special effects - glow markings, metallic markings, ghost wings, semi-transparent/transparent body parts, scroll markings.



Creep Crew p.1 [blood warning] by tuffgirl66
Creep Crew p.1 [blood warning]
I finished a disturbing book about ghosts and stuff, so I got inspired to make some disturbing characters about ghosts and stuff. The creep crew, as I like to call them, consists of four members - the father, mother, and two children. These are the references of the father and one child.
. s m i l e .
The ringmaster of the circus, as he likes to call himself. He's basically the leader of the family and is naturally dominant. He got his name because of the permanent smile etched onto his face. Smile likes visitors and will often invite them into the creep crew's mansion, but he is so fascinated by humans that he will scare them away because he keeps on touching their faces. Smile is wickedly tall and wears a top hat to make himself even taller. He is proud of his horrifying children and is a man of his words. No matter how terrifying he may be, Smile will never tell a lie.

Prysmo is the second child of the family. Prysmo has no gender, so it is referred to as "it". No one knows who or what lodged the knife so violently into its head. The permanent bloodstains have ruined the vision in its right eye. Prysmo always has a nervous, tearful expression and never speaks. It has never spoken one word in its life. When visitors come around it often will just stare at them. Its presence is heavy and it is a failure at hiding. Just like its father, Prysmo will never tell a lie... because it can't speak.

Smile and Prysmo (C) tuffgirl66
Art (C) tuffgirl66
Preset Point Auction -OPEN- by tuffgirl66
Preset Point Auction -OPEN-
Haven't made a preset in a while, decided to get back into the habit of making 'em! c:
This auction is going to be quick. o3o
-Reply to the highest bidder
-Starting bid is 15:points:
-Minimum increase of 3:points:
-The deadline is 11-23-14, 3:00pm EST. Any bids after the deadline will be ignored.
Good luck! ^^
Fur texture (C) 7KnoX
Preset (C) tuffgirl66
#113 Entry - Edge by tuffgirl66
#113 Entry - Edge
entry for round #20 MTT Adoptables - round 20 by annicron, here we go -cracks knuckles-
Name - Edge
Gender - Female
Age - 28
Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual (single)
Weight - 135.3 pounds
Height (dragon form)- 4'6"
Height (human form)- 5'8"
Residence - Chicago, Illinois
-Relatively muscly, ever since she lost part of her leg she wanted to stay fit.
-She loves dressing up with fancy accessories, when she was young she would act like she was a princess
-When aroused, her saliva smells and tastes of peach-tea
-Currently she works as a bartender, she quit her former job as a dog-sitter when one dog bit off part of her leg
Edge is a very outgoing person. She likes to share her opinions and ideas very loudly, at times when it's appropriate and not appropriate. She has quite a bit of sass, and it really shows when she gets into arguments. When she's working at her job, she often will talk to customers as she cleans used glasses and serves drinks. Edge is very up-to-date on the gossip around the area. She used to love animals, especially dogs, but when an aggravated dog ripped off her foot because it didn't like strangers, she formed an irrational fear of dogs. That was when she quit and was hired as a bartender. Personally, Edge doesn't like alcohol, but it was one of the jobs that didn't require a lot of labor. Even though she does like to stay fit, she doesn't want a job that will tire her out. Edge grew up in southwestern USA, but when she graduated from college she moved to the Windy City. She lives in an apartment building on the fifth floor. Her love-life is pretty blank, unless you count the endless boyfriends from kindergarten.
MTTs (C) annicron
Art (C) tuffgirl66
Myra by tuffgirl66
After I got home from my little trip I stuffed my brain with tutorials. c: Here's my result of slapping the skills I learned into one picture. This character is random, I might keep her. o3o
For now, Myra (C) tuffgirl66
Art (C) tuffgirl66
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